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CVPS Valet

Valet parking software is a series of mobile and desktop tools that assist a parking operator increase revenue, reduce labor and damage claims, and to focus on delivering high quality customer service. Popular features ticketless valet options, photo-based vehicle damage inspection, PCI compliant credit card processing, and integrations with external software like PARCS, hotel, and casino management systems.




  • Increase revenue, customer satisfaction, reducing labor costs, and exposure to liability for damage claims.

  • Record every step in the valet parking process from arrival to departure.

  • Parking charges posted directly to guest folios through integrations with every hotel management system.

  • Process credit card transactions through 5 major gateways with P2PE and EMV solutions.

  • Generate productivity reports that enable an operator or owner to run a more effective valet service.

  • Integrate to widely used hotel and casino management systems, as well as to all major PARCS.

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